Fizz that’s
best in the Bizz

Effervescence is a unique dosage form, a tasteful fizzy oral solution, that is used for deliverance of any pharmaceutical or nutritional composition in a higher dosages, in the most user-friendly way. In addition, it offers advantages such as quicker absorption, higher bioavailability, gentle on digestive system and most importantly a delightful consumer experience.

Unique Effervescent Technology

Over a period of last two decades we have followed the concept of continous improvement and developed our own proprietory HET effervescent technology.

More Stable

Stable for more than 3 years even in tropical conditions.

Great Taste

High level of odour masking and great flavours offering an amazing consumer experience.

Higher Productivity

The improved technology offers higher yield and quicker production time cycle.

Effervescent tablets famously create a fizzy drink that provides us with the nutritional supplements we need to evolve every day. The fizz is caused by the reaction of dropping a tablet that contains both an acidic and basic component. In most cases, we use citric acid as the acidic component to get the optimum mix of fizz and flavour. Further, we use sodium bicarbonate as the basic component to add to the fizz and help distribute the nutrients evenly in the solution!

Complete turn key product solutions

We offer 100+ commercialised propreitory formulations. Our unique technology helps integrate a wide range of concepts and ingredients which converts into effervescent form.

From elctrolytes to probiotics, from vitamins to amino acids, from natural to herbal, we have you covered for a unique brand positioning and extension of your winning brands.

Here’s Why It’s Good For You

At Fullife, we don't just market effervescent tablets, we create our own formulations at tablets at our massive state-of-the-art facility in Khopoli, just outside the country's commercial capital, Mumbai. Here, we prioritize quality above everything else.

We have teams working on research and development, production, quality control and quality assurance. We test our products at various stages of the process to ensure that ther's never any compromise when it comes to quality. Our in-house quality control team makes use of superior testing facilities to ensure the highest quality and hygienic packaging for all our products.

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